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Close The Gap Between Who You Are And Who You Want To Be - In Less Than 10 Weeks.

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Earn what you deserve, 5x your productivity, and overcome any bad habit or addiction while having fun.Too many people find themselves trapped in a life they secretly despise because they fail to change.
But once you get introduced to this real-world-tested system that combines only the best concepts from multiple fields, lasting change becomes effortless.

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Why mainstream advice and self-help books don't work
(and why you need a system, not a tool)

Let's face it: If conventional advice and self-help books would work, every one of us would be in model-like shape, anti-depressants would not exist, and financial abundance would be the norm.But unfortunately, that's not the case.You have a unique personal history, body, and health situation.Your goals and desires, things that you dream about or you would love to leave behind are different than everyone else's.In short: You are a unique system with countless variables.That's why real, lasting change requires a personalized, systematic solution -
...created by someone who has made the shift himself rather than just reading about it.
Mainstream advice, popular self-help books, and cookie-cutter solutions might help a bit but only a customized approach can lead to lasting results and long-term fulfillment.That's why you will get a personalized curriculum, based on your goals and desires, to ensure a real transformation, not just a slight improvement.I will help you where you need it most, using my unique system that combines neuroscience, cognitive behavior therapy, human psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, and common sense.Lasting results? - Guaranteed.

Have You Tried To...

  • Overcome an addiction such as alcoholism, smoking, binge-watching "adult movies", or indulging in junk food but relapsed after only a few days?

  • Find lasting fulfillment but feel empty inside despite being "successful" and making "good money"?

  • Establish self-love and self-esteem but end up trash-talking yourself again?

  • Get in shape for summer (probably the third year in a row) - only to gain all the weight back after a few weeks?

  • Follow a productivity system to get more things done but still feel burned out, fight against constant brain fog, and can't find your focus?

  • Maintain a positive mindset, but feel trapped in negative daily thought loops?

  • Achieve lasting change, like implementing net habits and eliminating old, bad ones, but always end up destroying what you have built and falling back into a cycle of self-sabotage?

Then, you're in good company.I am Tobi.And I have been in all of these painful situations myself.

I won’t bog you down with my whole backstory, but I want you to understand this:I have been where you are right now.

In the past, I...

  • Suffered from bulimia and binge eating for a decade

  • Struggled with video gaming addiction and smoking

  • Was never able to stick to my new habits or New Year's resolutions

  • Always set new goals and wanted to change my life but always failed

  • Relapsed into every bad habit I tried to overcome

Luckily, I have found the pieces to the puzzle, which changed my life.

Shortly after fixing my life with a systematic approach, everything changed, I...

  • Became confident in myself and started to like myself again

  • Graduated as "Best of Class" at an elite German Business School

  • Skyrocketed my career in consulting

  • Started my own business in digital marketing on the side

  • Earned respect from my parents, friends, and family

  • Learned how to smile and feel good again

And now, I am on a mission to share my system and help as many people as possible to get the life they truly desire and deserve.A life without addictions, self-sabotage, and low motivation but full of purpose, fulfillment, and achievements instead.Just imagine what your life could look like.How much you could provide to your family?How much better would you feel about yourself?How much money could you earn with the time and energy you currently waste?

Ready To Change Your Life?

You are just one step away.

I only work with 5 new monthly clients to provide each one with an extraordinary experience.
Fill out the questionnaire - so we can evaluate if you're a good fit for the program.

But don't just take my word for it.
Here's what my previous clients say:

How I helped William
to overcome his addiction:

How Joel achieved his goals personal and business goals using my help:

What Heather has to say about my addiction recovery and flow state frameworks:

How tech entrepreneur Mirascaled her business because of her performance:

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Silas transformed himself and grow his business:

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How AJ overcame his addictions and bad habits with my systems:

... And so many more success stories:

Why The Traditional Approach To Change Is Flawed:

They only focus on one part of the problem.Lasting change requires a holistic approach.

I spent countless hours studying Psychology, Behavioral Therapy, Neuroscience, Biochemistry, Addiction Recovery, Shadowork, Life-Coaching, and more...I gained a profound understanding of all of these fields and connected the dots.The result has been the system, that I used to change my life and now use to change the lives of my clients.This is why I was able to change my own life.This is exactly what my coaching program represents.The best techniques from multiple fields combined into one system, that has been tested and refined in the real world.If you only rely on habits, for example, you're just treating the symptoms, not the cause.But then, if you're focussing all your efforts on inner work like affirmations, you forget to confirm those desired things in reality.There are many more components to achieve lasting change.But you don't have to worry about those - my system takes care of that for you.

Just imagine what your life could look like without [your problem]...

You have nothing to lose.

This Is Exactly What We Will Discover Together:

  1. A way of thinking that will shift your total understanding of the world and how the universe works (something that unfortunately doesn't get taught in school).

  2. A clear vision for your ideal future, the exact traits and characteristics your best version embodies, and how to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

  3. How to come to peace with the past, overcome trauma, and use the self-sabotaging aspects of your character to your advantage.

  4. How to achieve lasting behavior change and overcome any addiction or bad habit for good without relapse.

  5. The top two techniques to destroy every limiting belief that is holding you back from living the life you deserve.

  6. How to manage your emotions and what to do when you have one of those "bad days".

  7. The surprisingly simple path to lasting self-discipline.

  8. A rational approach to mindfulness, self-awareness, and meditation

  9. The best techniques to maximize your productivity and turn you into a peak performer.

  10. Mental performance optimization techniques that will help you to focus for hours without getting bored.

  11. The nutrition framework that not only enhances your productivity but also gets you in summer shape on autopilot (and tastes amazing).

  12. The real-world, proven efficient, and effortless way to exercise for peak performance (physically and mentally), looking good, and having fun.

  13. How to become the person who deserves to win in life and business.

  14. The simple method to ensure that you'll get at least 1% better every day.

  15. How to set goals give you motivation and energy instead of anxiety

  16. ... A lot more!

The Four Core Principles Of My System:


Creating your ideal future


Discovering why your previous attempts failed


Mastering the necessary action steps and techniques


Making sure the results last and become permanent

These Benefits Are Waiting For You:

  • 4 to 10 One-on-one coaching calls with me - The duration of our work together depends on your preferences and goals, I offer three tiers from which you can choose.

  • Personalized transformation strategy - so you can leverage the best concepts from neuroscience, cognitive behavior therapy, human psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, and common sense.

  • Comprehensive action plan, tailored to your specific needs and goals - because everyone is unique and requires a personalized solution.

  • Worksheets for every step of the program - to ensure long-term results and make the process effortless for you.

  • Actionable, written guides - so you can deepen your understanding of the concepts explained and master them inside-out.

  • Recording of every coaching call - so you have access to them for life.

  • Zero-Risk Guarantee - so that our goals are aligned: Getting results for you. (Usually, no other coach provides such a strong guarantee but I am so confident in my system that I do it anyway.)

  • Optional: Follow-up calls in a cycle you can choose.

Your New Life Is Waiting For You.

You are just one step away.

I only work with 5 new monthly clients to provide each one with an extraordinary experience.
Fill out the questionnaire - so we can evaluate if you're a good fit for the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I pay you instead of trying to improve myself using free online resources?

Yes, you could change yourself successfully on your own and you probably will. The question is:How many years do you want to waste if the goal can be achieved much faster?

What makes your coaching program unique?

I combine the best approaches from different fields into one unique system - so you can go through a holistic transformation and enjoy lasting results.

What's the difference between your coaching program and conventional therapy?

My program provides much more personalization, accountability, and an option for ongoing support.Additionally, I have been addicted, lost, and depressed myself and transformed my life - instead of just reading about those things in textbooks.

What makes you qualified to help me compared to a professionally licensed counselor?

In short: More than a decade of personal experience.Even Tony Robbins helped people without a related degree or certification.He just started helping people with what he learned and experienced himself.

Do I have to quit everything cold turkey?

No, while some clients choose immediate abstinence, I believe gradual progress is key.We focus on incrementally reducing undesired behaviors while increasing healthy coping mechanisms over time.

Can you guarantee long-term results for me?

I am 100% confident in the effectiveness of my coaching. If you are not satisfied after the first call - no charge.The only "risk" is your time for the first call.

What happens after my coaching program finishes?

My strategies include a plan to set you up for life.But if you wish ongoing support from me, I happily provide you an additional plan with monthly or weekly calls.

How much effort is required from me during this program?

A personal transformation requires a commitment to incremental change from all clients.However, I handle planning and provide support to minimize the effort needed on your end.

I am concerned about my privacy, how do you handle my personal information?

Your data and coaching journey will never be shared or used as a case study or anything else without your permission.

Your New Life Is Waiting For You.

You only need to take one more step:
Fill out the questionnaire - so we can evaluate if you're a good fit for the program.